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Chef Eric

For many of us, getting access to great quality food is only half the battle. I find it difficult at times to keep food interesting as I crave variety and diversity in my diet. That is why I have partnered with my long-time friend and former Badger teammate, Chef Eric Benedict! Eric and I met as freshmen at UW-Madison and have been close friends ever since. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and our respective families over an amazing 20-year period.

I have benefitted and learned from this Blair-Taylor Wisconsin-native about agriculture, produce and sustainability in a culinary context. What I have always admired about Eric's abilities is the creativity and simplicity he brings to cooking. We have gotten together as good friends over the years with our group of friends, including the Leonard family, to create memorable meals and experiences. It is with that spirit that Eric has joined Artemis to help bring our love food and togetherness to your table.


I am so happy to bring this vision to life, benefiting my unique upbringing in Southern Wisconsin. It was my mother whose Jamaican cuisine always kept our table full with family and friends. Such delicious traditional dishes such as jerk and curry chicken, rice and ‘peas' stews, soups and more, would always leave every belly happy. I hope that some of my favorite dishes will be enjoyed by your family as well!