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My name is Kingsley Gobourne. My family and I thank you for supporting us and small local farms in Wisconsin. As a child, I lived in the country and worked on dairy and beef farms in southwestern Wisconsin. Growing up in Pecatonica played a huge role in my relationship with food and how I source my produce for my family. Many of the friends I grew up with have seen small family farms go out of business. These small farms were in existence for generations, and with them went locally sustainable produce some of which used to be available at farmers markets.

Now, I have a family of my own, and ensuring their health starts with the nutrition that we provide. The saying "you get out, what you put in" really stands true when it comes to your food and your health. Like many families today, we are also busy with careers and parenting. Our favorite, and often times most enjoyable, parts of our day is sitting down as a family to enjoy a meal. We have a family tradition in which we all take turns reporting about our day. Our children love sharing and being able to have the attention of everyone at the table. We love knowing the food that they are consuming is sourced locally and rich in the nutrients they need.

Our Focus

As we look to the future of produce, we now know that locally-sourced, sustainably-raised produce not only provides you with the most flavorful and nutritious produce options, but it’s also environmentally responsible. These sensible approaches to farming and sourcing foods is why Artemis was created.

Entertaining and feeding our guests has been our way of sharing our love of food and community with our friends and neighbors. We look forward to sharing our recipes, stories, and most of all, access to high quality produce.

We exist to put high quality produce, straight from our producers directly on your table. Once you see and taste the difference that locally grown produce provides, you will never return to the store for your meat, eggs and cheese again.

On behalf of my wife Melissa, and sons Thaeden and Wesley, I want  thank you for supporting Artemis Provisions and Cheese.